Profession Series 02 – Guide&Friend!(Teacher)


ISBN                  /   9789811104848

Our Price           /   MYR13.50

Publisher           /   Ace Mind Publishing Pte Ltd

Author              /    Chan Shing Cheng

Year Published   /    2016

No of Pages       /    124

Size                  /     21 x 14.7 cm

Printing            /     Colour

Product Description

·The responsibility of a teacher

·The relationship between a teacher and his students

·The contribution of a teacher


The main character of the story-Teacher Mok Baldy is the class teacher of class 6A.

The naughty students from Class 6A have prepared a very ”special” gift for him on the frist day of school.

They also give him a nickname based on his appearance.

After being with the student for a few days,Teacher Mok Baldy discovers taht they are actually not bad by nature.

Can he change his students with his dedication?

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