Young Scientists Level 1 Year 2015 Collectors’ Set


ISBN                  /   TYSL1-2015boxset

Our Price           /   MYR90.00

Publisher           /   Young Scientists Pte Ltd

Author              /     –

Year Published   /   2015

No of Pages       /    56 muka surat

Size                  /    18 x 26 cm

Printing            /     Colour

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Product Description

✎A best-selling Science Comic for children, Level 1 for Primary 1 & 2

✎A 100% Science-based comic in English, complies with the Singapore School Science Syllabus and with added PSLE format questions make it an ideal magazine for pupils to learn Science in English through interesting comic.

✎Contents are based on Singapore primary school Science syllabus, with 5 key topics of

a. Diversity   b. Systems   c. Cycles    d. Interactions    e. Energy

✎Opens up the world of Science to curious minds and prepare them for a fascinating journey into the studies of various Sciences in the years to come.

✎The stories are creatively crafted and illustrated with animation of the highest standard in the comic realm.

✎ 15 years published in Singapore. Best selling science magazine in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, India, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan (E-book)

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