Mysterious Phenomena Series Spooky World (Vol 01-05)

型号         /   MPSSW_01-05

出版年份  /   2019

售价         /   MYR67.50

页数         /   124

丛书系列  /   Spooky World 

出版社     /   Ace Mind Publishing 

规格         /   21 x 14.7 cm

印刷         /   彩色

Product Description

The Loch Ness Monster, crop circles, aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot and out-of-body experience are some of the
abnormal and incomprehensible mysterious phenomena from all corners of the world.

‘Mysterious Phenomena Series’ depicts the phenomena worth exploring with stories full of suspense and insightful scientific analysis.
Does the so-called mysterious phenomenon really exist?

Or is it just a hoax?
‘Mysterious Phenomena Series’ awaits you to discover for yourself!

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