Integrated Thematic Science Level 1 [1 set 5 books]


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Year Published   /   2014

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Product Description

Diversity :

A Lurking Spirit – There are many types of living and non-living things in the world. Man seeks to categotise this great variety of living and non-living things better understand the world in which he lives. There are common threads that connect all living things and unifying factors in the diversity of non-living things that help Man to classify them. This theme brings across the importance of maintaining diversity.

Energy :

Plants in the Room – Energy makes changes and movement possible in everyday life. Man uses various forms of energy for many different purposes. Man is not the only animal that needs energy, all living things obtain energy and use it to carry out life processes. Understanding this theme will allow students to appreciate the importance and uses of energy and the need to conserve it.


Animals’ Tails – Studying the interactions between and within systems enhances understanding of the environment and Man’s role in it. Interactions occur within an organism, between organisms as well as between organisms and the enviroment. The interaction of Man with the enviroment drives the development of Science and Technology. At the same time, Science and Technology influences the way Man interacts with the enviroment.

Systems :

What is Photosynthesis? – A system is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function(s). There are natural systems as well as man-made system. Examples of systems in nature are the digestive and respiratory systems. Examples of man-made systems are electrical and decimal systems. Understanding these systems allows Man to understand how they operate and how parts influence and interect with one another to perform a function.

Cycles :

Is the Rubber Plantation Haunted? – There are repeated patterns of change in nature. Examples of these cycles are the life cycles of living things and the water cycle. Understanding these cycles helps Man to predict events and processes and to appreciate the Earth as a self-sustaining system.

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